Frequently Asked Questions

What does fully-funded mean?

A fully-funded MFA in Creative Writing program means that the program provides financial support for tuition and living expenses for all admitted students. This financial support can come in the form of scholarships, grants, teaching assistantships, or a combination of these.

When a program is fully-funded, it typically means that all admitted students will receive some form of financial support, regardless of their financial situation. This is different from a partially-funded program, where only a limited number of students may receive financial support, or where students may have to apply for funding separately.

Fully-funded MFA programs typically offer students a stipend to cover living expenses and tuition waiver, which means students don’t have to pay tuition. Additionally, students are often offered teaching assistantships, which include a salary and further tuition waiver.

It’s worth noting that some programs might be fully-funded only for the students who apply and get accepted for a certain period of time, usually two years and after that the students are on their own for funding.

It’s important to research the funding options for the programs you’re interested in and to inquire about the availability of funding during the application process.

What’s the catch, how is this free?

There is no catch to the free-ness of the MFA Seminars. We are a group of current students and alumni that want to share our experiences and talents with folks interested in pursuing an MFA. We are not experts, nor can we provide any guarantees that our advice and resources will be helpful in your situation. We are dedicated to removing barriers to awareness of, and access to, MFA opportunities. 

When is the best time to apply to an MFA program?

The best time to apply for an MFA varies depending on the program and institution you are applying to. Some programs have specific application deadlines that you will need to meet, while others have rolling admissions.


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